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1. What are the supported browsers for accessing from my PC/MAC?
On PC and MAC, we recommend to use Google Chrome. However the following browsers are supported
PC : Internet Explorer 8 and above, Google Chrome
MAC : Safari

2. What is the significance of LED blinking
The LED blinking indicates the following status :
Fast blinking : Your camera is in setup mode. You can add camera to your account in this mode. Out of the box, the camera is in setup mode. To reset to setup mode - you will have to press and hold the RESET button on the bottom of the camera till you hear a long beep
Slow blinking : The camera is either connecting to the router or lost link to the router. Please ensure that the camera is in the Wi-Fi signal range.
LED is stable : The camera is connected to the Wi-Fi network

3. Which platforms are supported for accessing my camera?
PC or Mac®
Windows® XP SP3 or above
MAC iOS® version 10.7 or above
Internet Explorer® version 8.0 or above
Firefox® version 11.0 or above.
Chrome™ version 18.0 or above
Safari® version 5.1 or above
Java™ version 7.0 or above
Smartphone or Tablet Android™ OS version 2.3.6 or above
iPhone®/iPad® iOS version 4.3 or above.

4. I do not hear the audio when I am accessing a remote camera?
You can tap on the speaker icon in the video stream screen to hear audio. By default the audio is not ON when you are accessing a remote camera

5. What is the meaning of Local camera and Remote Camera?
When you are accessing your camera from the same Wireless network (Home) in which it is configured, it is a local camera
When you are accessing your camera away from your Home it is a remote camera. You may be using 3G or Wi-Fi connection outside of your home

6. I am having problems to access my cameras from Internet Explorer. What should I do?
The link here takes you to the troubleshooting guide for Internet Explorer related issues.

7. I am having problems to access my cameras from Google Chrome. What should I do ?
The link here takes you to the troubleshooting guide for Internet Explorer related issues.

8. I am having problems to access my cameras from Safari on MAC. What should I do ?

9. I am not able to access my cameras on Internet Explorer. I am using Internet Explorer version 6 OR Version 7?
You need to be on internet Explorer® version 8.0 or above. Please upgrade your browser. You can also use Google Chrome to access

10. How do I find which version of APP I am running
When you are viewing your camera, you can tap on the GEAR icon to go to the camera settings page. Select the Information option to view the APP and Camera versions

11. How do I download the APP for Android and iOS devices?
- Open Google Play APP on your Android device.
- Select Search
- Type "Monitor Everywhere"
- The results will have Monitor Everywhere APP by Binatone
- select to install it

iOS Device:
- Open iOS APP Store
- Select search
- Type "Monitor Everywhere"
- The results will have Monitor Everywhere APP by Binatone
- select to install it


1. What does the message "PAN TILT disabled because of network speed" mean ?
When your network speed is low, the PAN and tilt is disabled. You can see the message on the APP screen when this occurs.

2. I am having problems with PAN/TILT. The camera seems to move much later after I have pressed on the PAN button
This is usually caused when you are using the PAN/TILT feature and the network bandwidth / connectivity is not good. This might occur when you are accessing your camera in Remote mode

To improve performance you can switch OFF High Quality(HQ) (grey HQ color) video mode. You can select the HQ button when you are viewing your camera

3. How many users can access the camera at one time?
"There are a number of scenarios:
1. If you are accessing in Local mode (your Smartphone/PC is connected to the same network as your camera), up to four users can view your camera at the same time and a remote user is not allowed. Remote users trying to access the same camera will get a ‘camera busy’ notification.

2. If you are accessing in Remote mode (from an outside network different from where you have your camera, e.g. 3G or your office network), only one remote user can access the camera at a time and only two local users are allowed. Note that when one user is accessing the camera from Remote mode, other users trying to access the same camera through remote networks, will get a ‘camera busy’ notification."


1. I am Unable to login even after I have registered?
Please check your user name and password.

2. I get an error saying "Email ID is not Registered". What can I do?
Please ensure that you have registered with us. Use Create Account to create an account to use the Baby Monitor

3. unable to receive new password though forgot password option?
1. Your email might have been sent to Junk folder, Please check the junk mail folder
2. There could sometimes be a delay getting your email. Please wait for a while and check again

4. What do I do if I forget my password?
You can click on "Forget Password" link on the www.monitoreverywhere.com website OR your Android or iOS APP. We will send you a new password to your registered email id

Connectivity Issues

1. You get a message "We are having problems to access your camera currently. This could be because of the internet connection.. Please try in a while again"
1. Please try again in a few minutes. This could be because of any issue with your internet connection.
2. If the problem remains, please restart your camera to check if this fixes the problem.
3. Please restart your Wireless Router.

2. "My Phone app says the following :"Unable to connect to BMS server"
1. Check the Wi-Fi network strength
2. Check if you are connected to internet by starting the Phone browser and going to a website like www.google.com
Try again if you are successful connecting to internet

3. I am having problem accessing the camera from remote PC or from my 3G phone
Please check if your home Wi-Fi router settings. Please enable UPNP on your router for better performance to stream to a remote device. If you have multiple Wi-Fi routers at your home please configure your camera to connect to the router which has the Broadband connection line connection

4. I am not able to access my camera
Please check if the camera is in Wi-Fi range. If the LED on your camera is blinking, please try to move the camera closer to better Wi-Fi range and try again

5. Even though I am accessing my camera from the same Wi-Fi network, I still find my camera is shown as remote. I can only access it for 5 minutes at a time
Please check your Wireless router settings. In routers like Buffalo there is an option called Wireless Isolation. Please disable this option

6. I get an error saying "The device is not able to connect to the server. Please check the WIFI and the internet connection". What should I do
"If you are connected to Wi-Fi network, please check if you have an internet connection by browsing to a website on your phone. You can try connecting to your 3G/4G network if Wi-Fi does not work."

7. I get an error "Server request timeout, try again later"
"This might be due to your internet connection. Please check connectivity by browsing to any website and try again"

8. When I access my camera from a remote network, the streaming times out within 2 minutes
"When you are behind a firewalled network and trying to access your camera OR you have setup your camera behind a firewalled network, your video is streamed in relay mode which times out in 2 minutes. To have the best experience, please enable UPNP mode in your Broadband Wireless router."

9. My video stream is with low frame rate when I try to access from remote computer
"In remote mode, the frame rate depends on the network conditions. We would suggest to disable HQ mode for streaming in remote mode to get better frame rate"

Setting Up

1. While I am adding a new camera to my account - I am not able to find any cameras to add.
1. If you are trying to add a camera which has previously been added into your account / another account, you will first have to reset the camera. This can be done by pressing and holding the RESET button at the bottom of the camera for 6 seconds

2. During setup on Android and iOS device, in the last step I am not able to find my camera and the setup fails
Please reset the camera to Setup mode and try again. To reset the camera to setup mode, please press and hold the RESET button on the bottom of the camera till you hear a long beep. Wait for a minute for the camera to restart. You can see the camera LED is blinking fast now. Now restart the setup from your Smartphone again We suggest you to use WPA encryption for your wireless network. Please change your Wi-Fi encryption to WPA and try again. If you have any special characters in your Wireless network name (SSID), we would suggest to rename your network without special characters

3. When I am using an iOS device to setup the camera for first time use, in the step where I try to connect to Camera-XXXXXX in the Wi-Fi settings, I get an error saying "Cannot connect to Camera-=XXXXXX"
This is a known issue for some iOS users. Please try to connect again. This time you should be able to connect.

4. Can I setup the camera if I do not have an Android or iOS device ?"
Currently we support setup only from Android or iOS devices.

Viewing Camera

1. When I am in remote mode - the video stops after 5 minutes. How do I view for longer
When you are trying to access your camera from a network different from your home network( over internet ) your video times out after 5 minutes. You can click on the Camera again from the Android / iOS app to start streaming again. If you are accessing from your web-browser, then you can press on the Reload button to start viewing your camera video stream again

2. I get an error " The session key on camera is mis-matched. Please reset the camera and add the camera again." when I try to remotely access my camera
There seems to be an issue with the camera. Please reset your camera and add it to your account again.


1. I am not able to find the iOS APP on the APP store
This is a known issue for some users using iOS version 6.0.1. Please use the following link on your ipad browser to download the app.


1. When I try to view the camera, I get a prompt for camera firmware upgrade. What should I do?
Please upgrade your firmware. This takes around 5 minutes. We push upgrades from time to time to improve the camera features

iOS Setup

1. Where can I download the latest iOS APP?
You can click on this link on your iOS device to be directed to APP Store and download Baby Cam APP https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monitor-everywhere/id577753318?mt=8&uo=4

2. I get an error saying "Length of the parameter is out of expected boundaries". What should I do ?(in iOS APP version lower than 2.11)
Please check the length of user name that you are choosing while creating an account. User name should be from 4-15 characters and only permitted to have [a-z] and [0-9] and . Please check the length of the camera name that you are choosing. It should be lesser than 15 characters

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